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Water Damaged Flooring: Should You Do More Than Just Dry Your Carpets?

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If you recently experienced a bad water line leak in your home, you may wonder if it’s okay to dry your flooring and leave everything else alone. Water can soak into the floorboards and baseboards in your home. If you don’t dry these areas thoroughly, the moisture can make your home extremely humid. Different types of mold may also grow in your damp house. Learn why it’s important to dry out your damp home completely below. Read More»

How To Dry And Clean Surfaces Affected By A Flash Flood

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Heavy rainfall can lead to the possibility of water entering your home’s basement if a flash flood causes water to accumulate and your basement hasn’t been waterproofed. After water has seeped into the basement, you need to act quickly so that mold does not form on flooring, walls, or possessions stored in the basement. Assess The Amount Of Damage And Use A Sump Pump If the water level is shallow, a small sump pump can be used to remove water from the basement and deposit it outdoors. Read More»