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Water Damaged Flooring: Should You Do More Than Just Dry Your Carpets?

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If you recently experienced a bad water line leak in your home, you may wonder if it's okay to dry your flooring and leave everything else alone. Water can soak into the floorboards and baseboards in your home. If you don't dry these areas thoroughly, the moisture can make your home extremely humid. Different types of mold may also grow in your damp house. Learn why it's important to dry out your damp home completely below.

What Happens If You Don't Remove the Water Completely?

Many homeowners use vacuums to help dry out their homes. Although a vacuum can remove some of the water in your flooring, the appliance may not be strong enough to dry out the wooden planks below your carpets and tile. The waterlogged structures can eventually decay, and in some cases, deteriorate and crumble. 

In addition to wood damage, water can cause various species of bacteria and mold to grow in your home. Mold can destroy your most valuable household items, including your furniture, bedding, clothes, and shoes. The fungus may spread to the joists and beams supporting your roof and attic. 

If you take action now, you can keep your valuables and home safe from water damage.

How Do You Prevent Wood Damage and Mold?

Many residential homeowners use vacuums and fans to dry out their waterlogged homes. But unless you know how to use the vacuums and fans properly, it's a good idea that you hire a water damage company to do the job for you. A company can use industrial-grade fans, pumps, and vacuums to remove the water from your house. The equipment is larger and stronger than regular residential fans and vacuum cleaners. 

A water damage company can also remove and discard the items in your home that contain mold and other harmful organisms. If the items aren't too damaged by mold, a company may be able to restore them with special heating equipment. Heat can help control or destroy mold spores.

You may also place your items in the sun to help dry out the moisture in them. After the items dry, clean the thoroughly with anti-mold detergents and other solutions. If you have questions about cleaning your furniture and other valuables, speak to a water damage contractor immediately.

If you need additional answers about the water damage in your home or how to remove it, contact a water damage restoration contractor today.