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Water Damage Restoration Steps For Dealing With A Soaked Carpet From A Plumbing Leak

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If your home's floor and carpet were flooded, you need to be thorough about extracting the water and drying the floor or mold might start growing in your house. The method for drying out your carpet depends on the type of water that flooded your home.

Water from a toilet backup or that came in from outside is contaminated, so in that case, your carpet probably needs to be pulled up and discarded. You may want help from a water damage restoration company to make sure you dry your carpet properly. Here are some steps a water damage restoration company might take for a carpet soaked with clean water from a plumbing leak.

Extract The Water With Commercial Equipment

A water damage restoration company has stronger equipment than what you use at home, so using a commercial wet vac might be all that's needed to dry the carpet. It might be possible to extract most of the water from your carpet if the leak was caught early and work on the carpet started right away. However, if the water had time to soak the padding and subfloor, the carpet might need to be pulled up.

Remove The Carpet

It's often best to remove carpet that's soaked since mold will grow underneath it if the floor isn't dried thoroughly. The water damage restoration company may roll the carpet up and take it to a drying room at their facility. They may use a wet vac first to get the carpet as dry as possible and then spread or hang the carpet so it can dry out thoroughly in the drying room.

If the carpet pad underneath the carpet is soaked, it will probably be thrown out. Then the service can work on drying out the subfloor. They may use a wet vac that has a floor mat on the end that pulls water out of the floor. The service might also set up floor dryers and let them run all night.

Restore The Floor

If the subfloor has water damage, it might need to be replaced. Once the subfloor is ready, new carpet padding can be put down. If the service was able to dry your old carpet and the carpet is still in good shape, they can put the same carpet back down. However, if the carpet couldn't be saved, they can install new carpet. Once the carpet is in place, and the floor is completely dry and restored, you won't even know the floor was flooded with water previously.  

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