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Should You Install Home Fire Protection?

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Home fire protection includes sprinkler systems. Most commercial buildings are required to have fire protection that features a sprinkler system and fire alarms. While homes aren't technically required to have a sprinkler system, a sprinkler system has the potential to save your property, and maybe even your life, in the event of a fire. As you are considering home fire protection, you need to make a decision about whether you should have a fire protection service install a sprinkler system. Here are four factors to consider. 

1. The Size of Your Home 

The bigger your home is, the more at risk it is since a fire could go unnoticed for longer and could spread quickly. Many people with large homes choose to install a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system will automatically switch on if the sensor gets hot enough, and in most cases the sprinkler will put out a fire swiftly wherever it starts. 

2. The Response Time of Your Local Fire Department 

Another thing to consider is the average response time for your fire department. How quickly after you call 911 will the fire department arrive to start fighting the fire? You can usually find the average response time online. If your home is outside of town, or if your fire department will take fifteen to twenty minutes to arrive, a lot of damage could already have happened by the time a fire truck can hook up and start hosing down the blaze. If your fire department has a poor response time, consider using a home fire protection sprinkler system so that the fire will be quickly controlled even if the fire department isn't quick to come. 

3. The Value of Your Property 

Many people with a lot of art, collectables and expensive furnishings or those with a home that is worth a lot of money choose to have the added home fire protection of a sprinkler system. Home insurance costs usually go down if you have a good home fire protection system. A sprinkler system can be a way to cut down on the cost of insuring your property. Sprinkler systems can be discreet and even attractive and can increase the value of your home. 

4. The Importance of Safety 

If you value your safety and the safety of your family, a home fire protection system with a sprinkler just makes sense. A sprinkler system could save your life if you ever experience a fire, and it is the safer option. 

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