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House Fire? Why You Need To Hire A Fire Restoration Company Immediately

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A fire, whether it's simple or complex, can completely devastate your home. Not only does a house fire char and ruin your home and your belongings, it releases soot into the air, which can travel throughout the rooms in your home and coat everything. What's more, water damage caused by the fire department's effort to save your home, can cause just as much damage as the fire if not more. 

So what can you do to clean up the mess and fix the damage after a fire? One of the best things you can do is to hire a fire restoration company. However, you can't put it off. You must get a team in your home within a few days of the fire. Following are a couple of reasons why time is of the essence after a house fire.

Corrosive Smoke

The smoke generated by a house fire contains dozens of elements, including formic acid, benzene, formaldehyde, methane, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals and more. Depending on the materials consumed by the fire, numerous elements, most of them toxic, are released into the air and settle on everything. The corrosive film can start to discolor walls and objects in the direct vicinity of the fire in just a few minutes. It can continue to float and damage items in other areas of the home for hours after a fire is put out.

If this corrosive film is allowed to remain on items for longer than a few days, the acid in the film may cause permanent damage that cannot be removed or cleaned. The substance may also cause metal items to rust. If the film is removed immediately, however, you may be able to salvage many items that would have been completely ruined in a few days.

Lingering Odors

The resulting odor from a house fire is difficult to get rid of because it penetrates everything and continues to do so long after the fire is extinguished. To contain the odor, fire restoration professionals remove damaged items and seal everything that can be salvaged to encapsulate the odor. The cleaners will then get rid of lingering odor with a deodorizing fog. If these steps are not taken within a few days after a fire, it may be impossible to remove the odor. 

Once several days have passed after a fire, it becomes more difficult and more costly to clean up fire damage. If you've suffered a house fire, it's vital that you get the mess cleaned up immediately.