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3 Things You Should Do Following A Fire In Your Home

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It's scary when a fire breaks out in your home. Not only is there a threat to health and life, but fire can also cause a lot of damage at a rapid pace. Not only can the fire completely destroy things, it can also leave a lot of smoke damage. There are a few things you can do right after a fire to minimize damage and keep your family safe:

Talk to Fire Crew and an Inspector Before Returning to Live in Your Home

In some cases, a fire that is isolated to one part of the home may make it seem safe to live in other parts of the home, but that depends on a lot of things. Experienced fire crews can advise you on whether you can go back in the home immediately after a fire if you need items right away. Even if the fire was mostly contained to one room, if plumbing, wiring, or structural supports were damaged, it may not be safe to return. A home inspector or contractor can examine your home and let you know if it's safe to live in it. You will also want to have your air quality tested to ensure the air quality is safe.

Call a Professional Fire Damage Crew to Come and Help with the Cleanup

Some people may feel completely overwhelmed by a fire and may be concerned about finances after a lot of damage is done. The good news is, you are likely covered under your home insurance policy for fire damage repair, so it's best to call in a professional fire damage crew. Not only can they quickly assess the damage, they can help you repair burned rooms and completely take away the smoke smell that might otherwise linger. They help you replace filters and other HVAC parts that may retain the soot and smell from the fire. They can also remove damaged furniture and appliances without spreading the bad smell of smoke to other areas of your home. Call your insurance company right after a fire and find out what coverage you have and what will have to be paid by you, and let the fire damage company know how much you are covered for when you call them.

Help with the Cleaning You Can Help With

Cleaning crews will try and help you restore and save as many of your things as possible. They may ask you to help determine which items can be tossed immediately versus items that you want to try and restore. Thanks to dry cleaners and advanced cleaning technologies, a lot of clothes, furniture, and other items can be freed from the smoke damage they sustained. If you are willing to help with the cleanup, the process will go faster, and you can help save on some of the costs of labor.

Listing the help of experts like Serclean Inc after a fire will not only keep you safe, it will make the cleaning process much better. You can do what you can to help clean and restore items that are important to you, which will help you speed up the process and get back to living in your home.