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Three Tips for Minimizing Complications from Water Damage

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Water damage can be one of the more serious problems that homeowners may have to address. Considering the damages that can be caused by this issue, you will need to make sure that you are informed about the steps that you should take when this damage occurs. The following are a few tips to minimize the damage and disruption water can cause.   Move the Furniture If Possible If there is furniture in the area that suffered water damage, you should attempt to move it. Read More»

Tips For Finding the Moisture in Your Basement

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You may think it’s normal that your basement smells a bit musty, but it could be the result of excessive moisture. This is not good for many reasons including your family’s health, anything you may be storing in the basement, and wood that may be in the basement. Here are some tips for finding the moisture in your basement. Find the Source of the Problem First, you will want to find out what is causing the moisture problem. Read More»